BloomPro Foundation was formally established in October 2017, but in our heads, hearts and actions – much earlier!

We have completed over 50 projects in the last 5 years.

We know that in everyone's life there are moments when we need someone to listen, understand, help us decide what to do next. We accompany others on a journey that is not always easy. We have the will and the courage to support organisations and people who need help.
We are a public benefit organisation (PBO). This means that all funds raised by us are earmarked exclusively for the implementation of the Foundation's statutory objectives. We meet all legal requirements and have obtained confirmation of this fact from the Polish National Court Register (KRS).
We have completed over 50 projects in the last 5 years.
We supported and still support young people and their parents in coping with their emotions and developing emotional intelligence to prevent depression and suicide attempts. It is a big problem in Poland – every 2 hours there is a suicide attempt in a group of young people and children. For years we have been supporting the psychiatric ward for children and adolescents in Pieszyce so that they have good conditions to treat young patients (gymnasium with equipment, common room, games, TV equipment).
We support children and teachers in schools by teaching non-violent communication (NVC) and providing anger management training.
It has always been close to our heart to help women, especially those who are in difficult life situations. We give them courage to discover their inner strength and potential, and to be able to live in harmony with themselves.
When war broke out in Ukraine, many single women with children took refuge in our country. They came to us with nothing, they took their children and small backpacks. Often this journey took several days, far too long. They walked or drove for hours to cross the border. Most of them do not speak our language, do not know any foreign language, have no money and no roof over their heads. They have left all their belongings behind. It is often their first trip abroad. They are without work, often without the support of loved ones, without a home and without prospects of returning to their country.
We believe that if we help women from Ukraine to join forces, they will find themselves in this difficult reality more quickly. The worst thing is to be alone, with problems and no means of support, in a foreign country. Let's imagine that they have such a special place in Wrocław, where they can meet other women from Ukraine and Poland. They can get to know each other, talk about their difficulties in a peaceful environment and give each other support. This is where we invite experts who give them advice and thanks to this they can find a job, a kindergarten or school for their children, a doctor, legal assistance and necessary information. They regain their independence, self-esteem and dignity.

We have opened such a place in the ‘See Me’ Ukrainian Centre. More than 200 people live here, and about 35 children are on their own, without parents.

We named this place BLOOM, so we can flourish together. It is open every day. It is where activities for children and women are organised. Individual and group therapy with crisis counsellors and support groups. Polish and English language classes. Meetings with employers. There are art, integration and development activities.

Help us!

Every donation from you contributes to the smooth running of the centre and carrying out the activities.
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